7 Things Nobody Tells You About Living in a Van

Living in a van and travelling the world is the latest trend you have to see to believe. Basic vans are kitted out with everything from beds, tables and seating to kitchens and toilets, allowing for a whole new level of freedom.

However, van life certainly isn’t always easy, and even its proponents are clear on the fact that it isn’t suited to everyone. But can you handle it? Here are 8 things nobody tells you about living life in a van to help you decide…

#1: Your Ablution Habits Will Change

Some vans and RV models have toilets and basins built into them, but for the most part, your toilet and ablution habits will have to change dramatically when you are on the road.

Likewise, most vans don’t come with showers attached, so you might have to learn to live with smelling a little funky and having greasy hair for a certain percentage of the time!

#2: Prepare for Less Privacy

If you are travelling with a partner or friend, chances are you already know that you will have other folks around you all the time. However, even when you are on your own, sometimes privacy will be hard to come by.

You might pull up to a beautiful private spot to park for the night, but by the next morning, that spot will be filled with joggers, children, holiday-makers and the likes! It’s all part of the experience according to most avid van-lifers, but for newbies, it can definitely take some adjusting to.

#3: Your Van Will Break Down

Any vehicle will get worn out after being on the road or driving on tough terrain for long periods of time, and for you, that means breakdowns will very likely happen.

The best way to get around this is to learn some basic mechanics before you embark, or make sure that you stick to routes along which you can find mechanic workshops if need be.

Signing up for an emergency towing service might be a good idea too!

#4: Your Diet Will be Different

Unless you have a second battery in your van that allows a fridge to operate in it, you won’t be able to refrigerate any perishable foods on your travels.

Ultimately, most van-dwellers live on pre-packaged foods, crackers, rolls, spreads and cereal bars, but you can still get creative with your diet while you’re on the go, provided that the foods you choose keep well at room temperature.

#5: You’ll Need to Park on Flat Spots

You might get some great shots of your van at the top of the steepest hill you can find, but photography aside, this could make for a very uncomfortable night.

Always park on a flat surface to keep your life simple and your handbrake working well.

#6: Prepare to be Powerless

Again, unless you have a second battery installed, you will need to adjust to not having power for a large part of your van journeys.

However, there are many ways around this; solar powered lamps, battery packs, cigarette lighter power adapters and the likes are all great additions to your backpack for when you need to stay connected on the move.

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#7: Rain Can Be a Pain

There’s plenty to see, do and explore when you’re living the van life and it’s sunny outside. However, when it’s raining, you’ll need to be prepared to spend loads of time in your vehicle.

Remember to pack books, board games, knitting, or whatever else appeals to you so that you can pass the time during bad weather spells!

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