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    Android Pie Explained

    Android 9 Pie officially started its global rollout in November 2018 and many users have begun to experience just how powerful the new system really is. For those who are yet to upgrade to a phone with the latest OS, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about? Before the launch, Android promised a fully adaptable and intelligent platform that would not only adapt to its user, but also help you plan your day. Has it lived up to its promises though?

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    The Best New Fitness & Wellness Gadgets 2019

    The Best New Fitness & Wellness Gadgets 2019 When hearing the words “fitness gadgets” most people immediately think of smart watches and fitness trackers, but there is actually a whole world of gadgets to help you get fitter, be healthier, recover from an extreme workout, and stay injury-free. Now that the new year has started, you’ve likely made a few resolutions to end bad eating habits and get fitter, so why not invest in a few of these fitness and wellness gadgets to get your year off to a great start?

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    Sports Events Itinerary Quarter 1 2019

    Sports Events Itinerary Quarter 1 2019 2019 has already kicked off speedily, with us now half way through the first month! Here we give you details on the top sporting events in the first quarter of 2019 that are must a watch. From Tennis to Cricket, from Rugby to NFL Championship and from F1 racing to Horse racing – check our schedule to make sure you don’t miss any sporting action.

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    Where to Travel In 2019

    Where to Travel In 2019 London, New York, Paris, and Rome will all have something in common in 2019. None of them have made the list of the top places to visit. When it comes to the old favourites, many travellers see them as ‘been there, done that, and got the t-shirt’. If the travel bug has bitten you, and you are gearing up to spend your NZ sports betting winnings and go on vacation sometime this year, these are the 5 best destinations to consider.

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    Tech Trends for Business Owners in 2019

    Tech Trends for Business Owners in 2019 Even as newer technology is unfolding, innovation around that which already exists is hugely impacting the way organisations function and how we interact with the world around us. Massive advances in computing capacity, data capture, and overall connectivity are changing the landscape at work and at home. The next 12 months are going to be very exciting! 

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    Best Sports Apps

    Best Sports Apps If you have a smartphone you will never have to wonder who is winning the game.  Sports applications keep you up to date with the latest sports news and happenings, schedules and stats.  Even better is the high-resolution pictures, videos and live streaming of games and highlights.

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    How Tech Has Influenced How We Communicate

    How Tech Has Influenced How We Communicate While many consider our generation to be obsessed with our mobile phones, computers, and tablets, those in the know understand the significant impact technology has had on the ways in which we communicate. We likely all had pen pals when we were growing up and while letter writing is arguably a lost art, we no longer need to rely on the postal system to deliver messages to loved ones and strangers alike. Today, we can instantly communicate via text and video with anyone, no matter where they are in the world and while some see a person simply staring at a screen, others…

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    The Future of Smartphones

    The Future of Smartphones With the busy world that we live in today, we often take for granted just how incredible the average smartphone truly is. These small devices are many times more powerful than the computer used to send people to the moon, it can allow us to chat to anybody around the world instantly, it allows us to play just about any type of 3D game imaginable, and it has an assortment of tools that were once larger than smartphones are today. 

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    Tackling the World’s Air Pollution with Tech

    Tackling the World’s Air Pollution with Tech An article recently published in a major newspaper reported figures which showed that air pollution in London had surpassed Beijing in severity in recent times. The report was especially damning considering that Beijing has become the face of air pollution in recent years with its air routinely in the hazardous range of 301-500 on the Air Quality Index, and has even, at times, surpassed where the scale usually ends topping 700. With this in mind, we turn to how tech can provide solutions for air pollution. Zero Emission Cars Emissions released into the air by cars which run on petrol or diesel is…

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    How Technology Has Revolutionised Travel

    How Technology Has Revolutionised Travel According the World Tourism Organisation, people are travelling more now than ever before and it has been estimated that by 2030 a global population of 8.5 billion people will take more than 2 billion international journeys. As the technology that makes international travel possible evolves, so do travellers and the industry as a whole has followed suit. Here’s how technology has revolutionised travel. Technology Has Made Travel More Eco-Friendly Thanks to smartphones, long gone are the days when you would have to print your boarding pass, airline ticket, or hotel reservation. In this way, technology has made travelling more eco-friendly and thanks to mobile check-ins,…