The World’s Most Dangerous Extreme Sports

There are a lot of different sports around the world that are worth getting involved in. Whether it’s something more conventional like football, or a little more extreme like surfing, there’s just about something for everyone. But there are some sports that are so extreme that they’re only appealing to those with a thirst for real danger. These are sports that come with the inherent risk of death if something goes wrong, and while it may not seem worth it to many, a few select people simply can’t get enough.

  1. Heli-Skiing

The danger of this sport is in the name, because jumping out of a helicopter in any scenario has the chance of causing injury or death. Heli-skiing involves diving out of a hovering helicopter and landing on the slope of a snow mountain, and then skiing or snowboarding down to the bottom. It’s an activity that needs so much planning that those that participate in it need to book around a year in advance before it actually takes place. Not only do they risk injuring themselves from potentially falling into a rocky outcrop or thin ice, but the ever-present dangers of an avalanche always need to be taken into consideration.

  1. Base-Jumping

Base-jumping involves finding a high spot, often on a building, and jumping off with a parachute. It’s an exciting prospect for the adrenaline-junky, allowing them to feel the rush of the wind through their hair as they hurtle toward the ground. But it should be noted that base-jumping can be lethal, and even though one can prepare endlessly for the jump, the possibility remains that if something goes wrong – such as a parachute not deploying – they have little the way of protecting themselves from a fatal landing. It’s so dangerous that base jumping has been banned in a number of countries, including the United States, and it’s why many people would prefer to play now at Bingo Cafe in the UK while safely indoors.

  1. Cave Diving

Not for those that suffer from claustrophobia, cave diving sees divers exploring new underwater caves. Unlike the other sports on this list, cave diving is utterly dangerous from start to finish. Not only do divers need to constantly contend with the many dangers of an undiscovered cave, but they also need to always be aware of how much air they have remaining, and the chance that they may get lodged in a passageway. There have also been countless cases of diver’s becoming disorientated in murky waters and beginning to panic, quickly using up their oxygen supply and drowning.

  1. Mountain Climbing

Mountain climbing is a sport that involves traversing the steep slopes of high mountains, often those that are vulnerable to freezing temperatures and avalanches. The climber risks falling at all times and potentially breaking bones or causing internal damage, and, of course, the possibility of developing frostbite as they scale the peaks of the mountain. Weather is one of the most unpredictable forces in nature, and there are many mountain climbers throughout history that have underestimated just how dangerous weather can be, and how quickly it can turn.

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