The Perfect Jobs For The Frequent Traveller

Travelling is one of the most popular pastimes in the world, and more and more people are doing it on a permanent basis. It can, however, lead to many wondering how they can earn income while on the move. Fortunately, there are plenty of options available in terms of travel-related jobs and careers.

1. Airline Pilot

If you like the idea of spending two or three days in cities around the country or world, but want a better pay check than a flight attendant, learn to fly! Try and find airlines with flights serving areas you want to see. Airline pilots ‘ median wage is $105,720. Future job growth is expected to stay about the median for years to come.

2. Geologist

As an oil company geologist, you usually travel widely, travelling anywhere in the world where oil is plentiful, similarly to mining companies. You might be looking for gold in Brazil, or copper in China, depending on how you specialise. The BLS puts it in the “geoscientist” category, claiming the average annual wage is $89,780. It also states that employment growth for these vacancies should be higher than expected. You usually need to own at least a bachelor’s degree.

3. Teaching English

Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) allows you to fly to many destinations, usually for long stays. It’s possible to find jobs just being a native English speaker, but some sites report that the vast majority of employers who give a reasonable wage and good working conditions are now expecting their teachers to have some sort of certification. The default credential is a TEFL certificate that you can get by online training. Many programs start below $200. Whether or not you need a college degree varies by workplace.

4. Bartender

Opportunities to work in new places are almost infinite if you’re a bartender. It’s one of those jobs that provides relatively high pay (in the right place) but still has high turnover. The latter means you can find a job almost anywhere if you have experience and apply.

To fly, visit a cruise ship bar – the perfect place to also play and enjoy online bingo – or just choose your favourite places on the globe and go find a job for a few months..

5. Truck Driver

The hours are long and sometimes boring, but you can certainly see the world as a long-haul trucker. Plenty of sites list job openings in different categories, including tanker jobs, flatbed jobs and more.

They even have a special section for drivers who have graduated from trucking but have no experience.

6. Volunteering With Peace Corps

If you want to move to foreign lands while you’re there, joining the Peace Corps may be perfect. You usually sign up for a two-year term, and you may spend much of that time in one location, so it’s not a way to “see the sights” as much as a way to get to know another part of the world.

It’s a volunteer position, but you get pay and benefits, and a good addition to your resume. In contrast to a living expense stipend you receive in the Peace Corps, once you complete your 27-month term, you receive healthcare, student loan aid, and a re-adjustment payment of more than $8,000.

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