Tips for Travelling On a Budget

Tips for Travelling On a Budget

Travel is something everyone should do as it broadens the horizons and the mind! The world is a wonderful and diverse place, and there are so many different places to explore, so many cultures to discover, and so many amazing things to see. But travel can be expensive! Especially if you want to visit far flung locations and need to consider plane tickets, visas and all other extra costs as part of the package.

These travel tips can help you see the world on a budget, and will give you ideas as how to cut costs while still getting to enjoy what’s on offer.

Go Local

Steer clear of tourist traps and follow the locals! Many restaurants, especially in popular tourist destinations are incredibly expensive, but if you follow the locals you’ll not only get to enjoy more authentic cuisine, you’ll also save a lot more.

Avoid High Season

High season may well be called that because that’s when prices are high. (It’s not, but it could be!) If you can, avoid travelling around summer holidays or over Christmas, as this is when prices are at their peak. The so-called ‘secret season’ from the end of January to February often has some great deals, as everyone else has gone back to work and there is less of a demand.

Shop Smart

If you are travelling between countries and need to buy a few basics, try and stock up when you are in the cheaper spots, at cheaper stores. This counts for everything really, souvenirs included. Rather stretch your money that bit further and go cheap, than splash out and regret it afterwards. If this means buying cheaper toothpaste than usual, it’s only short term!

Research Transportation

In some cities, trains are cheaper, and in others busses are the better option. Do your research before you travel and make sure that you can minimise the amount of money you spend getting from A to B. If you have to wait awhile between destinations that’s fine too, you can always pass the time playing casino no deposit games while you wait.


It might be hard to ask for a discount for a flight ticket or when staying at a huge hotel chain, but do it anyways! You never know what might happen. If you are booking self catering accommodation its always a good idea to ask, especially if you are spending more than a few nights in one place. Bartering is accepted norm in some countries too, so use this to your advantage whenever you can.

Eat Up

If you get a complimentary breakfast or any other meal included in your accommodation- eat up! Try and eat as much as you can and stay full for longer, and if its not too cheeky, grab a few extra slices of toast or croissants and stash them in your bag for later. Also keep an eye out for specials at bakeries at the end of the day, or in supermarkets where food is reaching its sell by date and is discounted.