Ways that Technology has Improved Sport

How Technology Can Improve Sports Performance

Many sports make use of technology to enhance the way sport is played.  There have been great improvements and enhancements in various sports due to technology, not only for competitions but also for training. Just like technology has advanced the way we play Lucky Nugget casino Canada games online, so too has it changed the way we play on the field!

Making Use of Video Technology

Sports such as NFL, tennis and football have begun making use of video technology.  This helps with quicker decision-making and more accurate decisions, which means sport is now much fairer.  There are some that think that this has somehow taken the fun out of sport, but it means that players cannot break rules and get away with it.  The fact that there are many cameras allows players to also analyse their games and to pick up any errors or find ways to improve their tactics.  This analysis is also helpful for coaches to use this information to improve training regimes.

Portable Sensors

Portable sensors such as GPS sensors have allowed coaches of football, rugby and soccer to track how a player is performing during a match and looks at how the player performs which allows for improvements and adjustments to be made.  These sensors are constantly being improved and getting smaller and more portable.  There has even been talk that clothing will soon be embedded with these sensors that will allow for more complex tracking and analysis.

Improved Drug Testing

Drug testing has also improved due to a combination of technologies.  Before 1999 drug tests were not held as often and many players had ways of getting past these.  Because of this the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has been instrumental in fighting the use of performance enhancing drugs.  WADA has seen to it that all players in their various sports are on a level playing field and has succeeded in bringing these sports professionals to light.  Because of these technologies drug testing is more reliable and shows a clean result.

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Aerodynamic Technology

Professional athletes require stamina and endurance when competing.  In order to do this they require minimum resistance.  Improvements have been made in materials used for swimming gear to the special curves on a F1 car.  This technology, hydrodynamics, has allowed for enhanced performance by minimising resistance and helps to increase speed.  A good example of this is the Tour de France, when Greg LeMond used aerodynamic handlebars and a helmet and he beat Laurent Fignon by 58 seconds after being behind him.  A study showed that this technology allowed LeMond to gain time.  If Fignon had made use of this technology he would have won.

Analysing of Data

Technology to analyse data, loads of data, has allowed teams and individuals to analyse everything about their performance.  Everything an athlete does is connected and tracked and each individual element can then be analysed instead of the whole performance.  Even being able to give athletes a very slight improvement is a bonus and can mean the difference between winning or losing or breaking a record.

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