The Best Modern Sporting Gadgets

The Best Modern Sporting Gadgets

Sport is a universally enjoyed pastime, and although it’s change dramatically over the many thousands of years that we have enjoyed it, the core ideal of doing something fun, competitive, and entertaining has remained the same. At the same time, we’re seeing sport emerge as something more than just a physical activity; it’s a way for athletes to push their bodies to the limit.

Sport and technology have long been intertwined, and there has been a lot of money and time invested into tech to make sports-goers have a better time while on the field. A lot of it is aimed at specific sports, but there are some general gadgets that are always worth having while training or practising. These range from simple quality of life improvements, to almost vital training tools that can make every athlete’s sport that much more enjoyable.

  1. Training Mask

Not many athletes put a lot of thought into their breathing, but keeping our bodies oxygenated is vitally important. If you live in or near a city, there’s a good chance that the air isn’t the best quality, and it might be making your training sessions more difficult. The solution to this is a training mask, which is essentially a small mask that covers the mouth, and has an integrated filter for purifying air.

  1. Hydration Bottle

Hydration is just as important as breathing good air, but with life is as busy at it is, we sometimes forget to drink as much water as we should, especially while training. The answer to this is a “smart bottle” which is connected to your smart phone, and sends you a message when you should be having some water. It always automatically keeps track of all the water you’ve had in a day.

  1. Wireless earphones

Training can be difficult as it’s easy to become distracted by how much our muscles hurt, which is why many people turn to music to keep them focused. Wired earphones are okay, but the wires often tend to get tangled as we train. The next best thing is the wireless option, and there are plenty to choose from. Most experts suggest making use of the Jabra Elite Sport, a hardy set of wireless earphones that boast great quality.

  1. Smart Watch

While smart watches did make some waves, their popularity among the general public was short-lived. In the sporting world, this was a different story. People quickly realised that having access to a watch that they could use to change music, read messages, or even make phone calls while they were jogging or on the field was nothing but sheer convenience. They even allow you to sneak a game every now and again, such as pokies online.

  1. Vitals Monitor

We put our bodies under quite a lot of stress when we exercise, and keeping track of our heart rate is especially important. With products like the MyZone, we’re provided with an accurate reading of our vitals.