Guide to Glamping

Guide to Glamping

Glamping is a relatively new concept and combines camping with glamour,  and results in luxury camping.  The facilities these resorts have are much more glamorous compared to camping as we know it.  There is no “roughing it” when it comes to glamping.  There are beautiful resorts around the world where glamping can be enjoyed.

Aman-i-Khan, India

Technically the rooms are tents, but are probably much more luxurious than any hotel room.  The luxury tents have separate rooms which are separated by cotton drapes and each room has its own bedroom, living room and a bathroom and this includes a bath and a shower.  Aman-i-Khas is located near to the Ranthambore National Park that has an abundance of wildlife such as tigers, leopards and jackals.  The Park also has around 300 different species of birdlife.  The tents have high canopies and come with air-conditioning.  There is a dining tent where guests dine together as well as a campfire each night.  The resort has a spa offering ayurvedic treatments and yoga is also offered, and if you enjoy online betting you could probably find a Wi-Fi signal somewhere and place your wagers quickly!

Whichaway Camp, Antarctica

Antartica is a once in a lifetime trip.  This great wilderness is a unique experience and offers mountains and glaciers, surrounded by the vast ocean with stunning views.  The rough terrain and below zero temperatures may not seem like a pleasant holiday destination, but White Desert’s Whichaway Camp offers luxury accommodation in fibreglass pods which have stove heaters, rugs, comfortable beds and desks.  Meals are prepared by chefs and are served in a communal pod.  All of the pods are connected by passageways.  When the season has ended the camp is dismantled to ensure no impact is made on the environment.

West Stow, England

West Stow Pods is a glamping site in Suffolk, England.  It is located in the countryside close to Bury St Edmonds.  There are a range of styles that includes four mega pods, a woodland lodge and a Pod Hollow inspired by the hobbits.  The mega pods are fully self-contained and can sleep four people.  They are in tranquil woodlands that offer privacy.  These pods are pet friendly.  The woodland lodge is fully equipped accommodation for four and is a great base for exploring the countryside walking, cycling or horse riding.  The Pod Hollow looks like something out the Shire and is a dwelling built into a grassy hill.  It has two bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom.

Afrika Ecco, Botswana

Afrika Ecco Safaris is a little more rustic, but a great way to experience Botswana.  The tents are traditional canvas and have mosquito mesh windows and a shade cover to create a patio.  These tents blend in with the environment and do not interfere with the environment in any way.  The tent sleeps two people and each tent has an en suite bathroom, which has bucket showers and eco toilets.  The tents have comfortable stretchers and come equipped with linen and provide a wonderful way to enjoy nights under the stars.  This experience is for those travellers who want to connect with nature in a more meaningful way.