Top Tiny Travel Accessories to Invest In

The bigger things are always easier to remember when you’re packing for your next travel adventure, but sometimes the tiniest additions to your bag can be just as useful. Here are some of the best tiny travel accessories you should always remember to have by your side – and the best part is that they take up virtually no space in your luggage too!

An Eye Mask

It might seem like an odd suggestion, but getting to sleep can be tricky in new and unfamiliar places. To ensure that you get decent shut-eye on your travels, pack an eye mask. They are particularly useful for places in which you have no control over the lighting, such as buses, trains, planes, and even shared accommodation spaces like backpackers.

Ear Plugs

If you are sensitive to noise, this is one of the best light-weight items you can pack! Earplugs will ensure that you can enjoy quiet time (or good sleep) virtually anywhere, allowing you to work, rest or relax on your own time, regardless of what is happening around you.

Umbrella/Rain Poncho

Heading to a place with a rainy climate could necessitate taking a few rain-repelling items along with you, just in case. Travel umbrellas pack down into miniature sizes to fit inside handbags, day packs and the likes, and many rain ponchos also come in lightweight materials that fold down into the size of a smartphone or smaller. Whichever you choose, protection from surprise showers is an absolute must-have!


Your smartphone may already have a torch built into it, but if not, taking a flashlight along with you is a great idea for many reasons. Head lamps are a great option if you would prefer to have your hands free as well. Your torch might come in handy while reading in dark environments, making your way around at night, or hunting for lost items under your bed.

Notebook and Pen

Being able to take notes the old-fashioned way should you need to is underrated, especially since digital devices can run out of battery at the worst possible times. Whether you need someone to jot down a map, write down an address or number, or anything in between, be sure to have a notepad and a pen on you at all times.

Bottle Opener

Nothing is worse than embarking on an adventurous hike or romantic picnic only to find that you cannot open the drinks you brought along. Be sure to pack a lightweight bottle opener or corkscrew in your day bag to remedy this.

Travel Adapter Plug

No matter where you are travelling, having a versatile travel plug on you can only be a good thing, especially when you need to charge multiple devices or play your skrill online casino Australia games without interruption. Remember to check which power sockets your country of choice uses, or simply get a universal plug to cover yourself for any eventuality!

First Aid Kit

You never know when you might need to perform first aid, and having a travel kit on you at all times will ensure that medical attention is close at hand if you or a friend needs it. Specialized travel kits include useful items like antiseptic wipes, plasters, bandages, burn ointments, tweezers, gauze and more, and you can always add your own preferred items to them as well.

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