The Most Popular Travel Apps of 2019

Long gone are the days of buying travel guide and consulting with a travel agent to get the best deals. These days, with the variety of apps available to download, we can play our own travel agents and find the best deals possible at the quickest finger-tap. With that in mind, here are the best travel apps for 2019.


Like most of us, you’re likely travelling on a budget which requires plenty of fare-watching. Fortunately Hopper makes it easy by analysing countless airfare and hotel prices per day and providing historical data in order to advise you on whether you should book your trip now or wait a while.

Google Trips

While some enjoy the spontaneity of having no plan when travelling, for some that idea sets them into a flat panic. For the planners amongst us, Google Trips is by far the best app for creating your travel itinerary. The app is made amazing by Google’s technology which pulls all confirmation emails into your itinerary.


If your travel plans are constructed around your personal preferences, then KAYAK is the app for you. You’ll be able to filter flight and accommodation options based on your personal airline preferences, departure times, and destinations. You’ll also easily be able to alter your plans at any time and search for car rentals and hotels in your area.


If staying at a hotel doesn’t really appeal to you, then you should absolutely download Airbnb immediately and bingo Australia while you’re at it! Not only will you be able to find incredible places at amazing prices, but if you like you can even stay with locals and get their inside information to the best activities your destination has to offer.


Skyscanner is the best app for those who have no set idea of where they would like to travel to next. Simply filter your destinations by budget and travel timeframe and Skyscanner will show you which destinations are possible. Your dream holiday may just turn out to be in a place you’ve never even heard of before!

Hound from Soundhound

If the idea of having a travel agent in your pocket sounds appealing, then Hound from Soundhound is what you need! This incredible voice-controlled app allows you to chat just like you would with a real-life travel agent. For example, ask the Hound to show you hotels in San Francisco for the coming week which cost less than $400 and are pet-friendly.


The best part of Hipmunk is the ‘discover’ feature which allows you to filter possible destinations by what you’re looking for. With categories such as “best nightlife”, “unbelievable islands”, and “romantic” you’ll find your perfect destination in no time at all. To help you stay within your budget, Hipmunk will also send you flight alerts for the destinations you’re eyeing.

Now that you know all about the best travel apps for 2019, it’s time to dust off your luggage, check your passport, and start packing for your dream vacation!

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