Top 10 Benefits of Creating a Travel Journal

While you’ll probably take hundreds of photos will travelling, keeping a travel journal adds another layer to the experience. Keeping a detailed journal of your experience makes for an excellent souvenir and will help you keep the memories alive forever. Here’s why you should keep a travel journal.

Get Excited

You can start on your travel journal before you even head off on your trip and this heightens the excitement and anticipation of your upcoming adventure. Provide detailed descriptions about aspects of the trip you’re most looking forward to and feel the exhilaration grow daily.

Keep All Information in One Place

A travel journal is also an excellent place to keep all your travel information together. Make notes of your booking references, travel arrangements, places you most want to see, and any other useful information you’ll require while travelling.

Take it Easy

You’ll likely feel the need to pack as much into your trip as possible, but this can often make the trip feel rushed. Many travellers find that their trip feels like it’s over too soon, but keeping a travel journal will force you to slow down and take everything in.

The Meditative Aspect

A busy itinerary can be exhausting both mentally and physically, but the process of keeping a travel journal is meditative and relaxing. Allowing yourself to be more present in each moment will help you keep your memories alive forever.

A Great Conversation Starter

Just like real money slots Canada, keeping a travel journal is a great conversation starter and you may just find yourself making new friends thanks to the pursuit. Don’t forget to write about them in your journal!

Don’t Stop at Just Words

Creative pursuits such as journaling kick the right brain into high gear and there’s no need to stop at just words. Feel free to include sketches, poetry, doodles, and photographs in your travel journal to make your journal more colourful.

Organise Your Mind

Your trip will be over in the blink of an eye if you’re not careful, but travel journaling allows you to collect your thoughts and take in your impressions of a place. Write about how the place or experience made you feel and you’ll be taken right back every time you read the words.

Helps to Pass the Time

You may just find yourself stuck in an airport, train station, or bus stop for a few hours and travel journaling is the perfect way to help pass the time.

A Souvenir of Your Travels

Journaling can be an intensely personal experience and you may choose never to share your journal with anyone else, but either way your travel journal will be an incredible souvenir. It’s a great idea to create a journal for every trip you take to create a roadmap of your travels.

Memories Which Last Forever

There’s nothing quite like taking a trip down memory lane and your travel journal will transport you right back to your favourite destinations, no matter how many years have passed.

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