The Best Sports Apps for Fans on the Move

Just because you’re travelling doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on all of your favorite sports. The beauty of owning a smartphone is that you can stay up to date with practically any topic you can think of – and if it’s sport that comes to mind, there are countless quality apps out there to help you out!

With the help of a reliable sports app, you no longer have to wonder who won the big game or miss out on the latest juicy industry news. Check out these sports apps recommended below to enjoy up-to-date news, statistics, schedules, and even live-streamed videos of all the action you love.

#5: ESPN

This free app for Android and iOS brings you the latest and greatest sports news and information on an international scale. Whether you are looking for updated scoring details, breaking team and league news, or professional analyses, this app has it all – much like does for casino players. Users can customize a list of their favorite players and teams as well, enabling the app to supply them with a personalized news feed for all the franchises and sporting stars they support. It also allows you to subscribe to an affordable ESPN+ service, which gives you the power to enjoy insider content and to stream films, games, and live shows straight to your smartphone or tablet.

#4: The Athletic

Available for just $9.99/month for Android and iOS, The Athletic is the perfect app for avid sports fans who want straightforward coverage without being pelted with adverts. This subscription based sports news site provides quality, in-depth coverage of games, teams and leagues by professional sports writers who focus on a wide variety of Canadian and US markets, among others. These writers cover every topic imaginable, from big national leagues to local and collegiate games. Better still, you can try out a 7-day free trial before enjoying the paid version of this mobile app.

#3: CBS Sports

This is another free app that boasts exciting personalized score updates, news, statistics and analyses for your favorite sports and teams. It also supplies live streaming for a wide range of events, along with on-demand access to video game highlights, expert opinions, and original video programs. Users can enjoy live broadcasts of CBS Sports Radio as well, or check out CBS Sports HQ, the brand’s dedicated streaming channel.

#2: theScore

Available for iOS and Android, theScore is renowned for delivering real time game updates and stats, along with accurate breaking news. Its built-in events calendar helps users keep track of upcoming games, past match stats, and all the latest scores and significant plays. Game reports on theScore include detailed statistical breakdowns and even play-by-play ones, and allows users to follow individual players and teams as they go. Paired with social features like game summary sharing capabilities, this is the perfect choice for sports fanatics on the go.

#1: The Bleacher Report

If you want a more focussed, less generalist approach to sports news and updates, the free Bleacher Report app might be just what you need. Just pick your favorites and its Team Stream feature will deliver real time, relevant notifications to your device from multiple sources across the web. Expect scores, pictures, stories and videos pertaining to your beloved teams, as well as breaking news articles from websites, blogs and newspapers worldwide.

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