The Top Health Benefits Of Travelling

Travelling comes with a lot of obvious benefits, such as seeing new cultures, eating new foods, and meeting new people. But along with all of these, there are a myriad of health benefits that have been proven by science to improve people’s overall health. We live in a time where travelling is easier and cheaper than ever, and there are more than a few reasons we should all leave home every now and again to see something that we’ve never seen before.

For those that are currently wandering whether they should book that next trip to France, here are a few good health reasons why it’s a good idea.

It Reduces Stress

While it can be stressful to travel, especially when we miss a flight or our luggage goes missing, studies have shown that it reduces our overall stress. The study showed that just three days after leaving home for a new place, travellers reported feeling more rested, less anxious, and these feelings tended to last for quite a long time even after returning home.

It’s Better For Physical Health

Travelling has been conclusively proven to lower the chances of a premature death, for both men and women. Research done by the United States Travel Association found that women who travel twice a year are much less likely to die from a heart attack than those that only travel around once every six years. And it’s almost the same for men, with the study showing that men who take vacations at least once a year having a 20 percent lower chance of having a premature heart attack.

It Improves Creativity

Travel is an excellent cure for treating that creativity wall that we all crash against at one point or another. One study done at Columbia Business School showed a clear link between creativity and travelling frequently. This might be tied in closely with having new experiences, from a new restaurant to even a new spin for cash game at, as well as meeting people with new perspectives. It should be noted, however, that travelling itself isn’t the key to improving creativity; it’s rather engaging with strangers that seemed to have the greatest effects.

It Cuts Down On Depression

Depression is quickly become one of the developed world’s biggest problems, and doctors are finding mounting evidence that depression is causing as much loss of life as other conditions. It’s important that we try and recognise when we might be suffering from depression, and to fight as much as we can if we do get diagnosed. Travel has been proven as a good way of doing just this, with numerous studies showing that travelling frequently can reduce the amount of depression that we suffer on average, although this can vary from person to person. Research has also proven that both men and women that travel at least twice a year are much more likely to have reduced rates of depression.

As we can see, travel is good for us for a number of reasons, and it’s why more of us need to try and travel as often as we are able to.