Learning to Travel Safely with Our Guide

Travelling has become one of the world’s most popular pastimes thanks in part to commercial and cheap airlines. More and more people are travelling to new countries to experience different foods, sights, and cultures. But not every trip is from a travel magazine, and sometimes visitors in a foreign area will become the victims of crime. Fortunately, there are a few ways of staying safe in a strange place.

  1. Doing Research

Perhaps one of the most vital parts of the travelling process, doing research on a destination can help the traveller learn everything they need to know. This can include the kind of areas that are best avoided, when not to be walking around the streets alone, and what kind of petty crimes occur frequently in that country. Staying away from crime is all about being aware of what crime is actually committed, and then taking the necessary steps to try and prevent the crime from occurring at all. Research is key, and thanks to the power of the internet, we have more access to crime stats and reports than ever before.

  1. Blending in

Criminals will most often target people that stick out among the crowd, and travellers often fit this description perfectly. From strange clothing to a lack of understanding of the local language, it can be difficult to blend in, which paints a target on any visitor’s back. On way to avoid this is by doing the above-mentioned research and learning how to properly blend in with the surroundings, and keeping criminals at bay.

  1. Hiding Wealth

One major mistake that travellers tend to make is showcasing their wealth to potential criminals. This is done by wearing expensive watches, jewellery, and clothing while out on the streets, or maybe flashing cash won through This is a great way of attracting unwanted attention, and many petty criminals specialise in taking expensive items off of unsuspecting visitors. It’s best to rather keep all valuable items in a backpack where nobody is able to see or take them.

  1. Learn the Transport Routes

Another common mistake for new travellers is not having a firm grasp on the local transport systems in place, which can potentially see them stranded in a strange place. It’s important to keep up to date on which transportation lines are available in the area, how much they cost, and what other people have said about them. Thankfully, with access to the internet, we are able to check up what’s going on with transport around the world, and to ensure that we’re never left alone in a place that could be dangerous, especially to someone that isn’t from the area.

  1. Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a must for anyone that finds themselves travelling more than once every few months. It can mean coverage for any lost items while in transit, but also medical assistance in case of emergencies in a foreign country. Travel insurance can make all the difference to anyone wanting to travel for long periods of time.