The Top Six Things You Need For Modern Car Camping

The Top Six Things You Need For Modern Car Camping

When most people picture camping, they imagine either buying an expensive tent, or an even more expensive caravan, and then staying at the local caravan park. For the longest time, camping meant having enough gear to be able to build a home away from home. Tables, chairs, cover, even a little generator, and the average camper was able to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of their camping site.

But things have changed, and we’re entering a new era where people no longer feel they need the mountains of expensive camping gear, and rather opt for a simple experience that allows them to travel further into the untouched wilds. Car camping, at its most basic, is loading up a car with all the necessary equipment to spend a few days in the wild, but without the need for large tents or caravans. It allows the camper to take their car to places that they otherwise would only be able to access through hiking, while also being able to take more stuff than the average hiker can carry – it’s the best of both worlds – having your phone to enjoy pokies online while also enjoying the surrounding wilderness.

  1. A Thick Sleeping Mat

This one is perhaps the most important. A lot of car campers will actually sleep in their cars, lowering the seats and attempting to get comfortable. But it’s far more advisable to invest in an extremely thick, durable sleeping mat that can be placed on even ground under a tree for cover, or even in a small tent.

  1. Quality Sleeping Bag

Because car camping often involves sleeping in the open, having a very high quality sleeping bag is a good way to stave off the cold. Whether it’s for use in a thermal tent, or for open ground, staying warm should always be top priority.

  1. An Equally Quality Tent

Depending on the size of the car and how much the tent costs, consider buying a smaller, high quality sleeper tent that is both easy to set up but steadfast against the elements. The option exists also to take a much larger tent for the sake of space and comfort.

  1. Lighting

If you’re travelling into the great outdoors, chances are there won’t be any kind of lighting, and for experienced campers, when it gets dark, you can solely rely on the light provided by a fire, no matter how large.

  1. Cooler

Buying a large cooler box is essential for a number of reasons. Not only are they containers for the food you decided to take along, but they can also be used as a prep-station for food or making hot beverages.

  1. Stove

A two-burner stove is a vital part of car camping, allowing the camper to make a variety of gourmet dishes while out in the forests. They’re easy to maintain, cost-effective, and should last for decades. These are best used with a pot and a cast iron skillet.

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