How Technology Has Revolutionised How We Exercise

How Technology Has Revolutionized How We Exercise

Technology has had an incredible impact on almost every aspect of life in today’s modern world. From the ways in which we connect, eat, sleep, work, exercise, and entertain and educate ourselves, it’s difficult to imagine the world as we know it without the technology currently at our disposal. This impact can be most notably observed in the world of fitness and upon consideration it becomes apparent how technology has revolutionised how we exercise.

A More Social Workout

How do you know if someone enjoys exercise? They’ll tell you about it! Social media is used by millions of people around the world to share their lives with others and of course this extends to their fitness and dietary habits as well. There’s a reason why the hashtag ‘gymselfie’ is so popular.

Guided Exercise Instruction

Our moms may have bought VHS tapes of exercise routines in the 80s, but today we have incredible resources such as YouTube which provide an endless slew of free workout routines for almost every type of exercise imaginable. You don’t even need a gym membership to get fit anymore.

Creating a Fitness-Fuelled Community

Not only do people share their fitness successes to their personal social media pages in the hopes of encouraging others to do the same, there are also plenty of fitness-fuelled social media communities. Are you in need of inspiration, motivation, and the will to keep on going? Just like the communities which have been created in dedication to sports betting in Australia, these fitness communities may be just what you’re looking for.

Revolutionising Exercise One App at a Time

While the popularity of YouTube fitness videos seem to know no bounds, fitness and exercise apps may in fact be overtaking the video platform. With plenty of free smartphone applications which help users create tailor-made exercise routines, eating plans, and stay motivated, these apps have made fitness accessible to all.

Always On

While having a gym membership means you’re only able to work out during their hours of operation, online fitness routines and apps are available to use anytime, anywhere. Especially useful to those that travel a lot, online fitness guides may be the answer to staying fit while on the go – no matter where in the world you find yourself.

Wearable Sports Tech

In the past, if you wanted to know how many steps you took in a day, how many calories you burned, or what your heartrate was during a run, you would have to have bought separate pieces of equipment. Today however, all of these capabilities (and many more!) have been rolled into one piece of stylish wearable tech such as a smartwatch.

Innovative Fitness Machinery

Not to worry if you prefer the traditional gym environment over exercising at home, technological improvements have also extended to fitness machinery. Now, your treadmill can track every aspect of your workout and keep you entertained at the same time with a built in TV, radio, and music player.

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