Tech Trends for Business Owners in 2019

Tech Trends for Business Owners in 2019

Even as newer technology is unfolding, innovation around that which already exists is hugely impacting the way organisations function and how we interact with the world around us. Massive advances in computing capacity, data capture, and overall connectivity are changing the landscape at work and at home. The next 12 months are going to be very exciting! 

The Rise of AI

Artificial Intelligence sees machines functioning with human attributes. They can read, see, speak, and even recognise certain emotions, and the devices learn how to do things by repetition. Algorithms that adapt to location, user-history, and speech create machines that able to perform tasks that are dangerous, or simply monotonous, faster and more accurately than humans can. 2019 will see AI coming to the fore.

Analysts predict that all software will be using AI at some level in just a few years, and it will allow businesses to keep tailoring their products and services in order to meet customer demand more accurately. It’s time to figure out how AI can benefit your company.

AR Will Increase Efficiency

Systems combining 3D, real-time vision, sounds, haptics, location information, and even smell will see us immersing ourselves in virtual environments in 2019. Our hobbies will become far more engaging, and much easier to do, with a virtual visit to sites like Casino, for example, possible in a lunch break, without stepping foot outside of the home or office! Players will be feel like they’re actually at the venue, with the sites and sounds all recreated and delivered instantly, and we will be able to simply switch off when we’re done. No commutes, no accommodation requirements, just straightforward entertainment where and when we please, instantly.

Corporations are steadily starting to apply AR tech across a wider spectrum of human activity, and this will be the focus of 2019. Art, entertainment, commerce, education, and even the military will benefit from it, and training for many different occupations will soon be possible on a smart device. Nurses, doctors, and students will be able to enjoy the benefits of real-time classes without the hassle of commuting, or the time a human teacher would need to spend in training sessions. The focus for business owners for the new year is finding a way to use AR to heighten efficiency for internal stakeholders and smooth communication with customers.

The Benefits of Blockchain

Organisations have begun using Blockchain technology to make systems less time-consuming, more centralised, and more reliable, as well as to provide a space for records to be stored safely. This trend will continue in to next year, and you need to review how your business is using Blockchain to ensure data remains secure.

Enjoying the Internet of Things

The intelligent digital mesh of people, content, services, and devices is the new foundation for business models, and will continue to expand over the next year. Opportunities for persons with technical knowledge in how to connect platforms, and those able to analyse data are going to explode in 2019, and you need to look at what you could learn from connecting and evaluating product data and core operations elements going forward.

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