Where to Travel In 2019

Where to Travel In 2019

London, New York, Paris, and Rome will all have something in common in 2019. None of them have made the list of the top places to visit.

When it comes to the old favourites, many travellers see them as ‘been there, done that, and got the t-shirt’. If the travel bug has bitten you, and you are gearing up to spend your NZ sports betting winnings and go on vacation sometime this year, these are the 5 best destinations to consider.

The Peruvian Amazon

When most people think about visiting Peru, they focus on historical sites such as Machu Picchu and the Nazca lines, but there is more to the South American country.

Anyone looking for a truly unique, eye-opening trip can choose from not only majestic mountain peaks and ruins in the jungle, but cloud forests, swamps, flooded forests, incredible waterfalls, and even the world’s largest geothermal river. When it is time for some rest and relaxation, there is plenty of local culture and cuisine to sample.

Hong Kong

In the 1990s, Hong Kong was the darling of anyone looking for a holiday that involved cheap shopping, but there’s more to the Asian island than its markets.

It offers a breath-taking atmosphere in which old meets new, street art abounds, and ancient temples that welcome visitors into incense-suffused sanctuaries of serenity. The Temple Street Night Market is to be experienced to be believed, and is one of the best places for street food.

Dakar, Senegal

Famous for the eponymous rally that claimed the lives of several participants, the Senegalese capital of Dakar is an African vacation destination with a profile on the rise. Located on a peninsula, it is almost surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, which makes it a fantastic spot for surfing.

If catching a few waves doesn’t appeal to you, the tranquil beaches of Île de N’Gor are the perfect alternative. In the city itself, however, you can climb its two hills to visit the Mamelles Lighthouse, built in 1864 and now home to a trendy eatery, and to see the huge African Renaissance monument.


For an African adventure of a different kind, head to the Zanzibar archipelago off the East African coast. The tropical paradise that boasts unspoiled beaches and warm waters is also famous for being the birthplace of none other than legendary Queen frontman, Freddie Mercury.

The ancient Stone Town offers endless exploration and awesome shopping, and there are plenty of beachfront restaurants to satisfy any cravings for the freshest fish and seafood.

Sri Lanka

Fascinating, enticing Sri Lanka is a traveller’s paradise. The island is multifaceted, so if you are after a do-nothing beach holiday, you can enjoy exactly that. If exploring the ruins of ancient civilisations is more your thing, that is possible, too.

If you prefer to recharge your soul with the help of mother nature, you can take a train up into the highlands and breathe in the clean, crisp air while wandering through tea plantations. Alternatively, visit one of the national parks, and marvel at elephants and water buffalo. Either way, it’s magic.