The Best Tech Gadgets For Mother’s Day

A good technology device can assist with making life more convenient in addition to entertaining. This is why gadgets make such wonderful gifts for just about everyone and this includes moms.

Whether you’re honouring a mom, stepmom, aunt, or partner on Mother’s Day this year, they deserve some love. And if the mom who is in your life is the tech-savvy type, we have a number of different gift ideas, whether she wants to relax, mix up her fitness regimen, or give her home a smart upgrade.

In order to help you quickly find something which she’ll absolutely love, we’ve rounded up a range tech gifts for you to consider. However, let’s get one super thing clear before we dive into this list: technology isn’t exclusive to one sex or the other. So, for moms, tech certainly doesn’t need to be pink or bedazzled.

For Voracious Readers With Limited Shelf Space

If your mom is a bookworm who’s running out of space on her shelf for the latest and greatest best-sellers, a Kindle e-book reader may hold thousands of books.

Even though it hasn’t been updated from 2018, the Paperwhite is even now our best value e-book reader. Amazon evidently knows not to mess with a good thing. This waterproof device, which is now with an easy-clean flat front, has a long-enduring battery, as well as four colour options for the back:

  • Black,
  • Green,
  • Blue
  • Plum

If mom is an Amazon Prime member, she will have access to one free e-book per month through First Reads.

Fitbit Charge 4

Why not get your mom a fitness tracker? Fitbit is one of the most affordable – as well as popular – brands in this category. We really like the Fitbit Charge 3 because it accurately tracks a wide range of activities. In addition, it has a touchscreen display in addition to easy-to-use menus. If you would like a cheaper option, the Flex 2 is another, more basic tracker. It needs a display screen and a heart-rate monitor, but it offers all-day activity tracking at a low price.

Green Chef Meal Kit

If your mom is in a cooking rut, a meal kit delivery service may be the solution to fast and healthy meals. There is apparently an option for any palate. A top pick for us is GreenChef. Its entrees put plants at centre stage, with mouth-watering options for vegetarians and vegans, in addition to meat eaters who follow paleo or keto diets.

23andMe (or AncestryDNA)

Parents love absolutely love figuring out family trees as much as many of them enjoy Canada’s favourite card games. This means that you need to get your mom a DNA-testing kit. 23andMe provides the same sort of ethnicity assessments as AncestryDNA at a comparable price, although its DNA database is approximately half the size. Still, it’ll show you the migration paths for paternal (male testers) in addition to maternal lineages. AncestryDNA, while it does provide the largest family-matching database, is not able to differentiate between maternal as well as paternal lineages.