Best Sports Apps

Best Sports Apps

If you have a smartphone you will never have to wonder who is winning the game.  Sports applications keep you up to date with the latest sports news and happenings, schedules and stats.  Even better is the high-resolution pictures, videos and live streaming of games and highlights.


The ESPN app will bring you up to date sporting news and information from all over the world and you can find information on all sorts of teams and leagues and you can even get a professional analysis.  You can customise your app to receive information on your favourite teams and athletes and find all info you’d need when accessing horse racing betting sites.  There is also the option of subscribing to an ESPN service within the app, which means you can stream films, shows and games directly to your smartphone.

CBS Sports

CBS Sports is a free app and allows you to access personalised scores, stats, news and analysis of all your teams and sports.  You can also enjoy live streaming of various sporting events including NCAA Basketball and PGA Golf and you will be able to watch on-demand video of highlights and various other exciting sporting items.  You can also access audio such as broadcasts of CBS Radio.


theScore is an excellent sports app and offers immediate updates and stats and the latest sporting news as it breaks.  The app has an events calendar, which gives you instant access to when your favourite games are going to be played and the latest scores.  theScore has game reports with detailed stats and a breakdown of how a game was played and also gives news about your favourite players and what’s going on in their lives.

The Bleacher

The Bleacher Report is a bit different in that you focus on your favourite teams and receive information and notifications from various sources across the Internet.  It will give you the latest scores, pictures and videos relating to your teams.  The news will also be taken from various newspapers, blogs and sites.

The Athletic

The Athletic is a subscription based app and will cost you around $9.99 per month and is an app that has in-depth coverage by sports writers and focuses on many US and Canadian markets.  The Athletic offers coverage of all sports, from the major leagues to local college sports.  If you want to try out the app you can take out a seven-day trial and then sign up for monthly subscriptions.

Thuuz Sports

Thuuz Sports is an app that ensures that you always stay up to date with your favourite teams and gives you access to keep track of all your favourite sports, teams and players and has a system that will track news and online chatter.  The app lets you look up when your team is playing and where you can watch it, if it will be available on cable channels at your favourite sports bar.  Besides game scheduling you can also receive personalised news and up to the minute alerts.