How Tech Has Influenced How We Communicate

How Tech Has Influenced How We Communicate

While many consider our generation to be obsessed with our mobile phones, computers, and tablets, those in the know understand the significant impact technology has had on the ways in which we communicate. We likely all had pen pals when we were growing up and while letter writing is arguably a lost art, we no longer need to rely on the postal system to deliver messages to loved ones and strangers alike. Today, we can instantly communicate via text and video with anyone, no matter where they are in the world and while some see a person simply staring at a screen, others see the possibilities for connection which tech has created. 


Much like it once took our ancestors months to cross a country, sending a letter to a loved one in another country often took weeks (if not months) and there was no way of guaranteeing that it would ever arrive. However, thanks to communication technology, we are able to send a message including video and picture via mobile or computer in the blink of an eye to anywhere in the world. Providing instant connection, the technology of communication has improved our ability to connect with others and while it can’t compare to real-life conversation, sometimes it’s all we have.


We once sent telegrams to our loved ones and later letters which were transported by land or ship, but the reliability of these methods were far from guaranteed – unlike the always on reliability of gambling online NZ! Technology has not only allowed us to send a message in a second to anyone in the world, but we can even receive a message from places which are truly out of this world. For example, who could forget the life changing moment we heard Neil Armstrong’s voice carried all the way from the moon?

Improved Interaction

While hearing someone’s voice can help us feel connected with them, there is nothing quite like seeing their face and feeling their presence. As we are headlong into globalisation, more people are moving to far-flung countries for better opportunities or simply a life changing adventure which has forced us to alter the way we communicate. Today, you don’t even need a telephone to talk to someone, you can use video chat to not only hear their voice, but see them and feel their presence.


While improved mobile phone and computer technology has played a major part in improved communication, it would all be impossible without satellites and the internet. One of the most popular uses of the internet is social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram which has made it possible to connect with people we’ve never met. While these platforms can naturally be used to communicate with people you know, social media has also connected the world in a way which was once thought impossible. Whether you’re looking for love or simply likeminded people, social media has the power to change not only our lives as individuals, but also the world.

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