The Tech Trends Changing Travel

There are huge changes in the way in which travel agents are interacting with their customers, and the various technologies being adopted are improving operational efficiency as well as meeting traveller’s needs.

The goal is to find the right balance between technological innovations and the human detail as we adapt to the massive changes in our ever-increasing digital world.

In much the same way that playing real money Blackjack is as easy as turning on your PC, tablet, or smartphone these days, the travel and tourism trends for 2018 are making it that much simpler to get the holiday and business experiences we want with a lot less fuss.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is behind a number of evolving innovations and technologies in the travel and tourism locale. The ways in which it’s helping can be divided into three broad categories: ChatBots or TravelBots, Machine Learning, and Robots.

Because of AI, operations which have previously necessitated human participation, along with the requisite skills and time, can now be automated. This speeds up vital processes, improves performance and quality, and decreases costs.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The past few years have seen a massive increase in Augmented Reality, AR, and Virtual Reality, VR, in terms of the travel and tourism industry, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. The technologies are being used for content marketing and to enhance customers’ overall experience.

For example, some airlines are using VR tech to show travellers what the cabins look like ahead of time, and thus boost ticket sales along with other optional services.

The Internet of Things

IoT, or the Internet of Things, has the potential to completely transform the travel and tourism industry, and more and more companies are starting to realise this.

An example of one of the sector’s big players, Lufthansa, using IoT to smooth out the travelling experience is passengers now being able to track their luggage thanks to a link included on their mobile boarding pass, within the Lufthansa app. This lessens the stress and anxiety many of us feel the moment our bags leave our sight!

Voice Technology

This digital novelty is seeing more travellers switching from typed-in searches to voice interaction.

Increasing numbers of hotels worldwide have started introducing voice-activated devices, which once again saves time.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

People want to stay connected when they’re travelling, for any number of reasons. A quick search for destination ideas, recommendations on where to eat, directions to landmarks, and sharing the experience with friends and family via social media platforms or messaging apps.

Thanks to this growing need, companies are investing in reliable network services that provide seamless, personalised experiences for their customers, boost the efficiency of operations undertaken online, lessen real-time decision making, and strengthen both physical, via CCTV, and cybersecurity, along with data privacy.

In short, traveling is getting easier, and our horizons are broadening thanks to the evolution of technology. It is getting a lot simpler to enjoy a stress-free holiday or business trip, and it looks like it’s just going to keep getting better!