Have a Look at the Best New Fitness & Wellness Gadgets 2019

When hearing the words “fitness gadgets” most people immediately think of smart watches and fitness trackers, but there is actually a whole world of gadgets to help you get fitter, be healthier, recover from an extreme workout, and stay injury-free. Now that the new year has started, you’ve likely made a few resolutions to end bad eating habits and get fitter, so why not invest in a few of these fitness and wellness gadgets to get your year off to a great start?

Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale

Fitbit gets a lot of attention for their fitness trackers, but they also make an incredible smart bathroom scale. The Aria 2 Smart Scale functions as a scale, but can also track your weight loss, measure your percentage of body fat, and calculate your BMI. With the capacity to store the profile of up to 8 people, the Fitbit Aria 2 Smart Scale is perfect for the whole family and syncs wirelessly with your smartphone too.

iFit Sleep HR Sleep Tracker

Monitoring your sleep is an important part of gaining an overall idea of your health which is why the iFit Sleep HR is such a handy gadget. The device is in the shape of a small disc which is placed between the mattress and the base of the user’s bed and pairs to a smartphone. Through the recording of a wide variety of sleep metrics, you’ll get a good understanding of your sleep trends and where it can be improved upon – much like your favourite guide for playing better.

PowerDot Electrical Muscle Stimulator

One of the most typically neglected parts of any exercise routine is post-workout recovery, however the soreness and tension felt in the muscles may lead to serious injury if not treated properly. The PowerDot Electrical Muscle Stimulator is a lightweight and portable gadget perfect for post-workout recovery as you apply the pads to muscles and joints needing the most attention and use your smartphone to control the level of stimulation. When used regularly, your post-workout recovery will be faster and help you prevent injury.

Skulpt Performance Training System

The Skulpt Performance Training System is an outstanding gadget which pairs with your smartphone to provide you with a better idea of your body composition. Not only will the Skulpt measure your body fat, but you’ll also gain insight into the amount of quality muscle you possess in order to best assess your current physical condition. With the ability to measure body fat levels in 24 different body areas, the Skulpt will show you which areas you should focus on most.

Theragun G2Pro

The Theragun G2Pro is used by both massage therapists and personal trainers and is easy enough for the average consumer to use as well. Providing deep-muscle treatment, the Theragun G2Pro will help rejuvenate your body, recover from your workout faster, and help your recuperate post-injury. Using a unique combination of frequency and amplitude, this handy gadget will revitalise stiff muscles, sore joints, and trigger points.