How Technology Has Revolutionised Travel

How Technology Has Revolutionised Travel

According the World Tourism Organisation, people are travelling more now than ever before and it has been estimated that by 2030 a global population of 8.5 billion people will take more than 2 billion international journeys. As the technology that makes international travel possible evolves, so do travellers and the industry as a whole has followed suit. Here’s how technology has revolutionised travel.

Technology Has Made Travel More Eco-Friendly

Thanks to smartphones, long gone are the days when you would have to print your boarding pass, airline ticket, or hotel reservation. In this way, technology has made travelling more eco-friendly and thanks to mobile check-ins, electronic tickets, and online reservations, we no longer need to print on paper unnecessarily and have a carry-on full of documents you’ll soon throw away.

Technology Has Saved Us Space

Do you remember when your carry-on luggage contained your iPod, books, cellphone, laptop, and any other gadgets you may have required to keep you entertained on a long flight? Fortunately for our small suitcases, these days the goal of technology is streamlining by cramming as much as humanly possible into a single gadget! Now, you’ll only need your smartphone and tablet to keep your mind occupied for hours on end.

Technology Helps Us Overcome Language Barriers

One of the greatest things about international travel is allowing us to experience other cultures, but this often means many frustrating conversations thanks to language barriers. However, just as the options for real slots NZ are virtually endless, technology has helped us overcome this challenge by providing us with a litany of options for translating on the go or learning a new language to help you ask for those pesky directions.

Chatbots Are the Perfect Travel Companion

We are steadily moving away from having to pick up the phone and make voice calls in order to receive information, make a booking, or get advice. Today, thanks to chatbot technology, many companies are integrating the option for customers to get in touch via live online chat and you may not even be talking to a real person. Chatbot technology has come so far that customers can communicate to a chatbot who is able to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Technology Has Made Payments Safer and Faster

Going cashless and card-less has never been easier than before right now. Thanks to apps such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Wallet, you can make payments quickly, easily, conveniently, and safely using only your phone. Travelling with cash and a few credits is always risky and once the apps are fully integrated we will never have to worry about credit card fraud again.

Travel Has Become More Personalised

One of the things that people, particularly Millennials, crave these days is personalisation. Gone are the days where people buy a guidebook to a foreign country and plan their trip meticulously. Now, thanks to blogs, specialised websites, chatbots and apps specifically designed for this purpose people are creating their dream holidays by seeking out the lesser-known spaces far from the throngs of tourists.

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