The Toughest Smart Phones In The World

The Toughest Smart Phones In The World

Smart phones have always been a mixed bag when it comes to toughness. While Apple has released numerous devices that break after just one drop, other companies have instead opted to make their phones a little tougher. Samsung, for example, has a number of flagship devices that boast a combination of shock-resistance and waterproofing, and while these phones tend to be much tougher than previous iterations, other brands take toughness to an entirely new level.

These are phones that are not just waterproof and have resistance to shock, but have a few extra levels of defence against the elements. This includes heat and radiation-resistance, almost total immunity to physical shock, and more powerful antenna. They also come with all the power to match that of Apple and Samsung’s flagships – making them the perfect phones for both adventuring in the wilderness and everyday usage, allowing users to spend a day hiking, and then come home and enjoy some live AFL betting through their device’s powerful browser.

  1. Sonim XP8

The Somin XP8 is the successor of the renowned Xp7, and has been built with a much more user-friendly approach as compared do the previous iteration. This is a phone that is not aimed at the general user, but rather for those that lead more physical professions, such as construction workers and electricians, and especially for first-responders. This is made apparent by its FirstNet Ready certification, which allows the phone to connect to a congestion-free LTE network at any time of the day.

  1. CAT S60

CAT has been the leading provider of rugged smart phones for the last few years, and the S60 is testament to their experience in the field. It’s a powerful, extremely versatile device that would best suit those that lead a profession in the outdoors. While it has all the tech specs of most leading smart phones, it also comes with unique features, such as its thermal imaging camera.

  1. Blackview BV9000 Pro

Blackview, like CAT, is a smart phone developer that prides itself in creating devices that mirror the best phones on the market, while offering standard rugged features. Its duel cameras, large screen, small bezels and IP67 certification make it a good choice for those looking for a tough phone within a budget.

  1. Samsung S8 Active

With the S9 having just been released, many feel that the S8 range of phones are still worth holding on to, and the Active is the perfect choice for the outdoor enthusiast. It comes with all the power of the S8, including a number of Samsung’s most popular features.

  1. Panasonic Toughpad FZ-E1

The FZ-E1 is part of Panasonic’s rugged series of smart phones, and it’s quickly become a strong contender for toughest phone around, matching specs with Samsung’s S8 and the rugged qualities of CAT’s S60. It’s a strong choice for anyone looking for a tough device, and it should see more success in coming months.

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