Great Road Trip Gadgets

The joy of a road trip is that you really get to explore things you wouldn’t normally. It’s about the journey as much as it is about the destination. You get to head out on the open road, go where you want to, take as much time as you need, and enjoy being in the moment.

If you’re planning to hit the tar, there are a few things you might want to get first. These gadgets will make your trip even more enjoyable and a lot more comfortable.

  1. A Phone Mount

These days, many of us are essentially surgically attached to our phones. They are our connection to the world. Now, you may not want to be contactable while you’re on your trip but having your phone in a convenient to reach place will be a lot safer and easier for you. With a mount that sits on your dashboard, you’ll have your phone right where you need it for using Google Maps, calling people and for playing music. Just be sure to only make calls or adjust your settings when you aren’t moving or get your passenger to do the work.

  1. Multiple Ports Charger

A road trip usually comes with a number of devices – smartphones for all passengers, tablets, ereaders and even travel mugs that have heating capabilities. The problem is, most cars only have one or two ports for charging a device. Get yourself an extender that gives you several USB ports from one connection to the car and you’ll find things a lot easier. Some clever gadgets even have USB ports on an extended wire, allowing you to plug the charger into the socket on the dashboard and let people in the backseats use it.

  1. Back Support

Long trips in the car can get quite uncomfortable because most car seats are not designed for it. They put you in an optimal position for driving – legs out and back curved. Over time, this can cause backache, a sore neck and even make you drowsier when driving. A good back support device will help you to sit upright with a natural curve in your back, while still allowing you to lean back. Look for one with mesh material and you’ll find it a lot cooler on summer road trips. This is because your back isn’t flush against the seat with no room for your skin to breathe.

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  1. Car Diagnostic Kit

Your car will make or break your road trip. That’s why it’s essential that you can monitor things on a regular basis and don’t have to rely on a gas station or mechanic. Look for a kit that has a tire pressure monitor, as well as a device for checking your battery health. If you can check these two elements every day of your trip, you’ll be able to avoid many problems out on the road. You need to also do manual inspections of the tire tread, engine oil, radiator levels, etc. just to be on the safe side.