Great Sporting Holidays

Love to go on holiday but don’t enjoy sitting on the beach or by the pool doing nothing? That’s okay – there are plenty of great getaways for those who thrive on being active and love to be adventurous. It’s all about picking the right destination and booking your sporting activities into your itinerary.

Start by deciding what you want to do. Pick an adventure or a sport – climbing, cycling, paddling, anything you already enjoy doing or something you’ve always wanted to do more of. Then start your research into the best places around the world to that activity. You’ll find some amazing adventures are waiting for you.

Cycling Through The Balkans

A cycling holiday is a great way to experience a new place and meet the real people who live there. The obvious choice when looking at going to Europe for cycling is through the French winelands or perhaps the Italian countryside. But, have you ever considered places like Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Sarajevo? They are picture-perfect, far less crowded with tourists, and offer some fairly tough terrain to challenge you on the bike.

Surfing Off The Coast Of South Africa

Jeffrey’s Bay on the east coast of South Africa is a surfer’s paradise! The waves are consistently good, and there are areas that are perfect for beginners right through to spots that the most advanced and thrill-seeking surfers can get their adrenalin fix. The area is so beloved by surfers all over the world that the Billabong Pro ASP World Tour takes place in this sleepy little coastal town every year. According to those who know their surf, the right-hand point breaks are probably the best in the world.

Rock Climbing In Frankenjura

The region of Frankenjura is considered one of the best spots in all of Europe for rock climbing. It’s nestled between the cities of Bamberg, Nuremberg and Bayreuth, in Germany. There are around 1000 crags for climbing dotted throughout the large forested terrain, giving holiday goers plenty of different challenges to try out through their getaway. You can also rest assured that it won’t be too crowded, even though it is one of the most popular rock-climbing destinations in the world. Most of the routes are short, so you can pick one or two for the day and set about conquering them before moving onto your next challenge.

Kayak Down The Amazon River

It’s the world’s longest river and it presents a multitude of different challenges and experiences for kayakers of varying levels of expertise. The river stretches from the Mantaro River over in Peru down to the point where it meets the Atlantic Ocean over in Brazil. The wildlife you’ll encounter is incredible as you journey through the rain forest – you can even fish for piranhas. The best thing about this adventure is the incredible solitude. There are no hotels or fancy places to stay along the way. All you’ll get is the hospitality of the small, local villages that span the length of the river.