Choosing A Sport That’s Right For You

There are many reasons to play sport or to exercise, and whether you simply want to get fit, tone up or add a new element of socialising to your life, sport is a great way to do just that.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, just like with the online slots real money Canada offers, it’s never too late to try something new and see if it is your perfect fit.

Soccer or Rugby

If you’re looking for a sport that has a very social side, soccer or ruby is your best bet. Not only are these 2 sports team-based, they also come with a great amount of camaraderie and even casual leagues or teams tend to be quite close knit. You’ll find that you make friends both on and off the field and you’ll get fit while you’re doing so.

Best for: Those looking for a social sporting experience


If you want to spend some time in the sun and get some exercise, tennis is a great option. Not only can you play against others, you can also try playing doubles matches and can join a club and compete. You can also play solo against a wall or against a ball machine, and can spend plenty of time practicing before you take on anyone else on the court.

Best for: Players who enjoy a solo competitive sporting activity


Essentially you can break cycling down into on road and off-road riding and both options have their own perks. If you enjoy the smoother, less technical ride, then road riding is best. However, if you enjoy a challenge, like to use technical skill and knowledge and don’t mind getting dirty, then mountain biking is the best choice.

Best for: Those who prefer a more solo, focused activity


The ideal sport or those who want to spend some time alone, or with just one or two other people, jogging is a cost effective way to get fit. You can jog just about anywhere, you don’t need any special equipment or apparatus- except for a good pair of running shoes- and you can go at your own pace.

Best for: Anyone who wants to go at their own pace


Hockey has become popular in recent years and there are plenty of field hockey club that have sprung up. This sport is very fast paced, so it requires quite a high level of fitness and a lot of teamwork. You’ll need to commit to playing and to the many hours of drills and practice sessions if you really want to get the most from the sport.

Best for: Those who enjoy a high octane, endurance testing team sport


Another sport that’s seen renewed interest; netball is a great option for those who love team sports with less physical contact and speed. This is a great option for any fitness level and there’s a good social element to it too.

Best for: Those who like ball sports with no contact

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