The Top Travel Backpacks In The World

Any traveler will tell you that one of the best things you can do before hitting the road is investing in a high-quality backpack. Sure, the cheaper ones may be appealing at first, but a backpack that starts to fray and fall apart after a few months is a tremendous waste of money, and can sometimes mean losing important items if a hole forms on the underside.

To avoid this, it’s best to get hold of a backpack that is both parts durable and practical, making it perfect to take anywhere in the world without having to worry about losing your valuables, or suffering from back ache from hauling around a heavy bag.

  1. Osprey Daylite Daypack

This cleanly-designed and robust backpack from Osprey is the ideal choice for those that don’t always have the time to sit and pack a large backpack, and would prefer something they can pack quickly before heading out, making it a good choice for the city, too. It’s able to carry all the small, essential items that you need, with extra space for an optional water bladder to keep you hydrated while out on a hot days. It has adjustable straps for comfort, and thanks to its modular design, it can buddy up with other Osprey backpacks.

  1. Deuter Transit 50L

Sometimes, it’s better to invest in a backpack that boasts plenty of ample room for all the items you’ll need for long-term travel, and there are few better choices than the Deuter Transit. This 50L pack is the workhorse of the backpack world, and comes with a practical bottom section that’s perfect for a sleeping bag or boots. It also comes with an adjustable shoulder hardness, a detachable daypack for side trips, and extra pockets for all the small objects we carry with us, whether it’s a snack or a smartphone, allowing the user to grab it for a call or a quick game of online pokies Australia.

  1. Osprey Atmos

The Osprey Atmos is the ultimate choice when it comes to a backpack that can take on any environment and climate. Its 65L: capacity means that it can carry just about all essentials, while also providing support and comfort. The Atmos is designed to fit in with the curve of your back for maximum comfort, which is supported by an anti-gravity suspension system. It also comes with side and internal compression straps to help stabilise the load you need to carry, as well a duel-zippered set of front panel pockets for quick and seamless access.

  1. Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack

The Eagle Travel Backpack is best suited for those that find themselves needing a backpack for every day life. It’s deceptive 40L capacity makes it perfect for short business trips or for carrying school backs to college and back, and it has multiple side buckle straps that can be altered for height. It can easily fit a laptop with plenty of space left over for books, clothing, as well as smaller compartments on the front that are best for smaller items.

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