The Best Gadgets For Safe Travel

Humans love to travel, so much so that we’ve spread across the entire planet, and with modern transportation technology, we’re able to fly to any country in the world within a matter of hours. And as great as travelling is, it does come with a few downsides, with arguably the most prominent being security.

There are endless tales of unwitting travellers having their possessions stolen away, or being conned by locals who know how best to scam those new to the area. Whatever the case may be, there is a multitude of helpful gadgets on the market that provide safety while travelling.

Bright Lights

While it may not seem like a safety gadget, having a reliable torch can make all the difference, especially for those travellers that tend to find themselves in countries with less than reliable infrastructure. A good torch is always a necessity to have before hitting the road.

Door Locks

A portable door lock is a small device that easily fits into any pocket, and can provide an extra layer of security to any accommodation. Despite its size, door locks are quite strong, and are able to keep most people at bay, and without having to move furniture up against the door to ensure that nobody tries to get in during the night.

Power Banks

A good power bank is the accessory everyone doesn’t need until they find themselves in a situation where they no longer have access to a wall socket, and without a charged phone, it’s impossible to make any emergency calls, or even to just browse online or enjoy some online betting. Power banks come in all shapes and sizes, and many are able to charge most smartphones a number of times when fully charged.

Money Belt

The most important items to always have while travelling is a passport and enough cash to get around. The problem with cash is that it tends to be a high priority target for pickpockets who will often go after wallets. One way to always have cash around and in a way that’s safe and convenient is a money belt. Money belts act like regular belts, but also have a secret pouch lining the inside that’s perfect for storing legal tender.

Luggage Tracking

There are a number of mobile, Bluetooth trackers on the market that can be easily hidden or attached to any piece of luggage. These trackers connect to a global network and can be followed with the use of a smartphone app. With the tracker on, users are able to see exactly where their valuable items are at all times. The batteries on these trackers usually last about a year, and thanks to the global network, they can be tracked on an international scale.

Portable Water Filter

Water is always necessary to have around, and sometimes when travelling we may not have access to clean, potable water. One way around this is with a purifying water bottle that automatically cleans any polluted or dirty water added to it.