Top 5 Tech Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Following the major technical evolution in 2020, we can only imagine what 2021 will have in store for us.

In a study published by CompTIA titled IT Industry Outlook 2021, it was found that the major digital changes experienced in 2020 will have a rollover effect in 2021. In the same breath, the confusion and uncertainly will also follow us as we navigate our way through 2021.

However, instead of trying to rebuild to the point we were before the pandemic, the focus will be on rebuilding our world to ensure a brighter future. This means that we also need to look for ways to become more diverse in our offerings and developing a more inclusive society. All of this needs to be done while complying to local laws and legislation.

5 Tech Trends To Embrace In 2021

  1. The term normal will no longer describe business operations

Businesses have had to evolve from having a set pattern of operations to needing to juggle various options in an attempt to stay afloat. This includes the location of employees and managing customer demands by utilising new business practices.

  1. Cloud is a business staple

The ability to work remotely has been largely possible through the use of cloud technologies. The remote approach to IT infrastructure has made it possible for businesses to operate and function without employees being limited to an office space.

  1. Adopting emerging technologies

To ensure business resiliency, building solutions that align with their software and cloud systems will need to become a top priority. Employees will need to be trained to use these new technologies while the youth begin to learn about it within their school curriculum.

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  1. Cybersecurity needs to be enhanced

With more and more business being conducted in the online space, we need to ensure that we protect not only ourselves, but our business as well from potential intruders and data risks. This means that proper cybersecurity education is needed for businesses and their employees to understand the risks and know how to ensure that they’re using online resources responsibly. Additional security services will need to be added and existing services will need to be updated regularly.

  1. Professional assistance is a must

While an in-house IT helpdesk may have worked in the past, these complex systems require a level of skill that is rapidly evolving. When it comes to implementing or upgrading business systems and protocols, always speak to a professional about your options. It’s also recommended that your team remains up to date on any software changes that may affect them.

So, What Will 2021 Look Like?

Businesses will continue to adapt their business models to meet changing customer demands as well as market conditions. More business and investment opportunities will become available as new technologies become more readily available. Simply put, 2021 will be a year of rapid technological change and evolution as a result of emerging technologies