What We Can Expect From Android 11

Android 10 has so far proven to be an extremely competent operating system, and while it does mirror many of the features found in iOS, it offers enough of its own features to be a complete OS that should be enough for most users. Android 10 can only be found on a handful of smartphones at the moment, although it’s expected to grow its reach within the next year. But developers have already been hard at work on Android 11, and from what we’ve seen, it’s going to improve and refine many of the features that can be found on 10.

It should be noted that Android 11 is still in development stages, meaning that many of the features mentioned here might not make it into the final project, but still give us a rough idea of what to expect. And while Android 11 is available for testing, it’s advised against most users as it contains many bugs.

New Features

Screen recording: Screen recording has long been asked for, and it’s finally arriving with 11. It’s still in development, but it will be fully implemented by the time that the new Android rolls out to the Pixel and

Better Touch: Another popular demand from fans, especially from those that make use of screen protectors. Google will allow the user to choose how sensitive they want their screen to be, allowing them to play Blackjack online in Canada even when they need to wear gloves.

Notification History: Android 10 already comes stock with a Notification Log, although it remains hidden almost all of the time. Android 11 will unlock this feature fully for users, allowing them to keep track of their notifications throughout the day.

Video Notification Pause: Notifications will no longer come through when taking a video, meaning that there don’t have to be any interruptions when the user is trying to create an important video.

Revamped 10 Features

Improve Gestures: Gestures are not new to Android, but we have seen major improvements to them over the years, especially to granular gestures. Developers have made the back gesture work better overall, which has become a big complaint for those that weren’t able to use the back gesture properly.

Smart Dark Mode: A system-wide dark mode was introduced with Android 10, and it was a feature that was universally welcomed. There were some complaints, however, it was a default setting that had to be changed by the user manually. Android 11 will change this, where Android 10’s theme will change automatically over the course of a day. So, it would remain the standard Android white during the day, and then automatically switch to dark mode when the sun goes down.

Airplane Mode: Airplane mode will reportedly no longer automatically turn off Bluetooth when it’s activated. This has been a gripe for many regarding Android 10, which turns off Bluetooth and servers any pre-existing connections when the user switches to Airplane mode.