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    How Technology Has Revolutionised Travel

    How Technology Has Revolutionised Travel According the World Tourism Organisation, people are travelling more now than ever before and it has been estimated that by 2030 a global population of 8.5 billion people will take more than 2 billion international journeys. As the technology that makes international travel possible evolves, so do travellers and the industry as a whole has followed suit. Here’s how technology has revolutionised travel. Technology Has Made Travel More Eco-Friendly Thanks to smartphones, long gone are the days when you would have to print your boarding pass, airline ticket, or hotel reservation. In this way, technology has made travelling more eco-friendly and thanks to mobile check-ins,…

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    The Top Six Things You Need For Modern Car Camping

    The Top Six Things You Need For Modern Car Camping When most people picture camping, they imagine either buying an expensive tent, or an even more expensive caravan, and then staying at the local caravan park. For the longest time, camping meant having enough gear to be able to build a home away from home. Tables, chairs, cover, even a little generator, and the average camper was able to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of their camping site. But things have changed, and we’re entering a new era where people no longer feel they need the mountains of expensive camping gear, and rather opt for a simple experience…

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    The Best iPhone and Android Travel Apps 2018

    The Best iPhone and Android Travel Apps 2018 Many of us pride ourselves on being almost entirely self-sufficient thanks to our powerful pocket-sized computing devices, so why should this not extend to travel? Who needs a travel agent these days when you’ve got a smartphone and an internet connection? From finding the most cost-effective flights and accommodation, to creating your itinerary, and helping you navigate foreign lands, these travel apps will make planning your next trip quick and easy. Skyscanner Whether you’re looking for the best rates on flights, accommodation, or car rentals, Skyscanner offers it all. Using its travel partners to search for the most affordable options, you’ll be…

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    Guide to Glamping

    Guide to Glamping Glamping is a relatively new concept and combines camping with glamour,  and results in luxury camping.  The facilities these resorts have are much more glamorous compared to camping as we know it.  There is no “roughing it” when it comes to glamping.  There are beautiful resorts around the world where glamping can be enjoyed. Aman-i-Khan, India Technically the rooms are tents, but are probably much more luxurious than any hotel room.  The luxury tents have separate rooms which are separated by cotton drapes and each room has its own bedroom, living room and a bathroom and this includes a bath and a shower.  Aman-i-Khas is located near…

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    Tips for Travelling On a Budget

    Tips for Travelling On a Budget Travel is something everyone should do as it broadens the horizons and the mind! The world is a wonderful and diverse place, and there are so many different places to explore, so many cultures to discover, and so many amazing things to see. But travel can be expensive! Especially if you want to visit far flung locations and need to consider plane tickets, visas and all other extra costs as part of the package. These travel tips can help you see the world on a budget, and will give you ideas as how to cut costs while still getting to enjoy what’s on offer.…