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    The Future of Smartphones

    The Future of Smartphones With the busy world that we live in today, we often take for granted just how incredible the average smartphone truly is. These small devices are many times more powerful than the computer used to send people to the moon, it can allow us to chat to anybody around the world instantly, it allows us to play just about any type of 3D game imaginable, and it has an assortment of tools that were once larger than smartphones are today. 

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    Tackling the World’s Air Pollution with Tech

    Tackling the World’s Air Pollution with Tech An article recently published in a major newspaper reported figures which showed that air pollution in London had surpassed Beijing in severity in recent times. The report was especially damning considering that Beijing has become the face of air pollution in recent years with its air routinely in the hazardous range of 301-500 on the Air Quality Index, and has even, at times, surpassed where the scale usually ends topping 700. With this in mind, we turn to how tech can provide solutions for air pollution. Zero Emission Cars Emissions released into the air by cars which run on petrol or diesel is…

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    How Technology Has Revolutionised Travel

    How Technology Has Revolutionised Travel According the World Tourism Organisation, people are travelling more now than ever before and it has been estimated that by 2030 a global population of 8.5 billion people will take more than 2 billion international journeys. As the technology that makes international travel possible evolves, so do travellers and the industry as a whole has followed suit. Here’s how technology has revolutionised travel. Technology Has Made Travel More Eco-Friendly Thanks to smartphones, long gone are the days when you would have to print your boarding pass, airline ticket, or hotel reservation. In this way, technology has made travelling more eco-friendly and thanks to mobile check-ins,…

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    How Technology Has Revolutionised How We Exercise

    How Technology Has Revolutionized How We Exercise Technology has had an incredible impact on almost every aspect of life in today’s modern world. From the ways in which we connect, eat, sleep, work, exercise, and entertain and educate ourselves, it’s difficult to imagine the world as we know it without the technology currently at our disposal. This impact can be most notably observed in the world of fitness and upon consideration it becomes apparent how technology has revolutionised how we exercise. A More Social Workout How do you know if someone enjoys exercise? They’ll tell you about it! Social media is used by millions of people around the world to share…

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    The Top Six Things You Need For Modern Car Camping

    The Top Six Things You Need For Modern Car Camping When most people picture camping, they imagine either buying an expensive tent, or an even more expensive caravan, and then staying at the local caravan park. For the longest time, camping meant having enough gear to be able to build a home away from home. Tables, chairs, cover, even a little generator, and the average camper was able to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of their camping site. But things have changed, and we’re entering a new era where people no longer feel they need the mountains of expensive camping gear, and rather opt for a simple experience…

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    The Toughest Smart Phones In The World

    The Toughest Smart Phones In The World Smart phones have always been a mixed bag when it comes to toughness. While Apple has released numerous devices that break after just one drop, other companies have instead opted to make their phones a little tougher. Samsung, for example, has a number of flagship devices that boast a combination of shock-resistance and waterproofing, and while these phones tend to be much tougher than previous iterations, other brands take toughness to an entirely new level. These are phones that are not just waterproof and have resistance to shock, but have a few extra levels of defence against the elements. This includes heat and…

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    The Best iPhone and Android Travel Apps 2018

    The Best iPhone and Android Travel Apps 2018 Many of us pride ourselves on being almost entirely self-sufficient thanks to our powerful pocket-sized computing devices, so why should this not extend to travel? Who needs a travel agent these days when you’ve got a smartphone and an internet connection? From finding the most cost-effective flights and accommodation, to creating your itinerary, and helping you navigate foreign lands, these travel apps will make planning your next trip quick and easy. Skyscanner Whether you’re looking for the best rates on flights, accommodation, or car rentals, Skyscanner offers it all. Using its travel partners to search for the most affordable options, you’ll be…

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    The Tech Trends Changing Travel

    There are huge changes in the way in which travel agents are interacting with their customers, and the various technologies being adopted are improving operational efficiency as well as meeting traveller’s needs. The goal is to find the right balance between technological innovations and the human detail as we adapt to the massive changes in our ever-increasing digital world. In much the same way that playing real money Blackjack is as easy as turning on your PC, tablet, or smartphone these days, the travel and tourism trends for 2018 are making it that much simpler to get the holiday and business experiences we want with a lot less fuss. Artificial…

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    The Future of Virtual Reality Technology

    The Future of Virtual Reality Technology While virtual reality technology was first introduced into mainstream society for the purpose of entertainment, there are plenty of ways in which VR technology will change the way we live in the future. As VR technology becomes more prevalent, it will become more accessible and affordable to average people and here we look at which industries will benefit. Gaming The most obvious and readily-available use of VR technology at this time is gaming, but the technology isn’t as prevalent as industry insiders would like it to be. With the largely prohibitive cost of gaming VR technology, it is unlikely that it will be supported…

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    Tech That Will Change The Future

    Tech That Will Change The Future One hundred years ago, no one could have possibly imagined the technological marvels that would become part of our every day lives today. Today, we have tech that can allow us to chat with anyone in the world, watch videos, check the news, play games, and so much more, and it all sits snugly in our pockets. It’s difficult to imagine how the technology we have today could possibly be improved upon, but as we speak, scientists are coming up with state-of-the-art innovations that have the potential to change the future in more ways than one. We’re talking about stuff that was once only…